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Reliable IIS server performance monitoring

Begin monitoring IIS metrics with speed

Begin monitoring IIS metrics with speed

With the easy installation of AppOptics, you can begin to monitor IIS metrics in a matter of minutes. The IIS Plugin is included with the SolarWinds Snap Agent by default, making setup fast and easy to roll out.

  • With the IIS Plugin, you can see key details of your web server that allow you to troubleshoot issues with more precision.
  • Users can easily activate optional metrics during the installation process.

Create custom IIS performance metrics

Create custom IIS performance metrics

A reliable IIS monitoring tool must have the ability to collect, store, and analyze metrics and events from an array of websites and servers. With AppOptics, users receive almost 100 out-of-the-box metrics for their IIS services, including metrics for servers, websites, and web applications.

  • Users can create custom metrics for the infrastructure, application, and even business metrics.
  • Users can easily leverage advanced composite IIS metrics to improve web and server monitoring efforts.

Monitor network infrastructure alongside applications

Monitor network infrastructure alongside applications

AppOptics is a converged APM product bringing application and infrastructure monitoring together, side-by-side. This means you can cross-reference APM, server, and infrastructure metrics all on one dashboard for a 360-degree overview of your IT ecosystem.

  • Aggregate and store important server, infrastructure, and database metrics alongside application logs.
  • Leverage custom dashboards to drill down on specific queries.

The new shared SolarWinds Snap Agent collects metrics and log files, and is used by both AppOptics and SolarWinds log management products Loggly® and Papertrail. In addition to the shared agent, there’s also integration between AppOptics and Loggly that provides trace context in logs and automatically groups all logs associated with a trace to accelerate troubleshooting performance problems. With the ability to combine dashboards for better viewing, tech pros can remove the wall between their collected IIS metrics and the rest of their APM and infrastructure monitoring efforts. They can also:

  • Correlate log events with performance metrics from web applications.
  • Jump right from AppOptics IIS monitoring into Loggly or Papertrail to view all network logs associated with a specific website, server, or application.

SolarWinds AppOptics is a SaaS service monitoring key IIS functions throughout your entire application stack.

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