Infrastructure and APM Pricing

Simple, affordable, and scalable



per year

Includes 10 hosts and 100 containers

Comprehensive infrastructure monitoring from traditional servers and hosts, to modern container and serverless implementations. Get full visibility across hybrid and cloud-native systems with out-of-the-box integrations, dashboards, and metrics.

What you get

  • 10 hosts/servers
  • 100 containers
  • 150-plus out-of-the-box plugins and integrations, including standard system metrics and dashboards for servers, hosts, containers, and serverless
  • 1,000 custom metrics*
  • Process monitoring
Full-Stack APM


per year

One price for comprehensive infrastructure and APM – 100 traces per minute, 10 hosts, and 100 containers

One product providing end-to-end application performance monitoring for hybrid and cloud-native applications along with its associated infrastructure. Thread the needle on application and infrastructure performance issues by identifying infrastructure resource issues, and transaction and service performance issues, down to the line of code causing the problem.

What you get

  • Automatic application monitoring—no custom code changes
  • Integrated server, host, container, and serverless infrastructure monitoring
  • Contextual error analytics
  • Function-level insight
  • Auto-instrumented distributed tracing, code profiling, and exception tracking
  • 150-plus out-of-the-box plugins and integrations, including standard metrics and dashboards
  • Monitor up to:
    • 10 hosts
    • 100 containers
    • 100 traces per minute*
    • 1,000 custom metrics**
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