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Maximize Kubernetes performance with AppOptics

Simple setup for powerful application monitoring tools

Simple setup for powerful application monitoring tools

SolarWinds AppOptics is a SaaS platform monitoring key Kubernetes functions along with your entire infrastructure and application stack, meaning you can manage both your Kubernetes cluster and the applications it supports.

  • The AppOptics software allows you to seamlessly install Kubernetes integrations from the initial onboarding screen.
  • Designed for ease of use, AppOptics allows systems engineers to determine the desired end state of application deployment—then the software will manage the intermediate steps required to reach that state. 
  • This automation reduces the time required to deploy applications across a node cluster while helping ensure it’s possible to scale, balance loads, and allow for redundancy.
  • AppOptics powerful distributed tracing provides detailed performance information for each service making up a transaction. With many out-of-the-box integrations and plugins, AppOptics automatically pre-populates dashboards with metrics from across your Kubernetes implementation, from clusters and regions to individual containers.

Detailed Kubernetes performance insights

Detailed Kubernetes performance insights

AppOptics tracks and logs more than two dozen Kubernetes metrics, including pod, container, node, deployment, and events metrics, giving you useful insights for all application deployments from a central location.

  • Gain insight into a long list of metrics, including key information regarding pod metrics (for individual pods), deployment metrics (for pod performance and management), and node metrics (for individual hosts within the cluster).
  • Swift metrics reporting means you’ll be able to view data on pods as soon as they’re defined, letting you track them even before they’re deployed to nodes. 
  • Each pod and deployment have a unique identifier, which, when filtered by deployment metrics, gives you the option to either view metrics across all deployments or to drill down to specific instances for more granular assessment.
  • By integrating Kubernetes with AppOptics, it’s simple to see where to deploy pods and how to redistribute pods, based on node metrics.

Real-time Kubernetes architecture analysis

Real-time Kubernetes architecture analysis

In addition to logging Kubernetes performance over time, AppOptics provides real-time monitoring to help identify immediate problems. This allows for fast and accurate troubleshooting of Kubernetes resource and deployment issues. 

  • Use Kubernetes to more efficiently track health and stability across a range of application components, including services, nodes, containers, and load balancers.
  • When components experience problems, leverage Kubernetes to help minimize downtime and keep the network operating at sufficient levels overall. 
  • Gain visibility into real-time issues like suboptimal deployments. The dashboard provides automated alerting capabilities for instant insight across your applications.

Easily collect and monitor key Kubernetes metrics.

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