Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Monitoring Tools Optimize JVM monitoring to ensure infrastructure health.

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Combine Java application and infrastructure metrics

Combine Java application and infrastructure metrics

For successful JVM monitoring, it's critical for you to track the right performance metrics. With AppOptics, it's simple to track critical JVM metrics indicative of the health and performance of Java-based applications. In addition, you can monitor relevant infrastructure and business metrics that provide a contextual view of your Java ecosystem. The AppOptics dashboard provides a convenient, clear display of both default and custom metrics related to your JVM environment. With AppOptics, you can:

  • Collect and view JVM stats like garbage collection, heap usage, and more.
  • Install the Snap and Telegraf plugins to integrate key infrastructure and business metrics. Tech pros can customize these out-of-the-box plugins or generate their own based on specific needs.
  • View these metrics side-by-side and compare historical and current data to analyze health and performance disparities over time.
  • Use pre-built dashboards or create new ones to view metrics in a way that works for you.

Use end-to-end monitoring to improve Java performance tuning

Use end-to-end monitoring to improve Java performance tuning

Organizations need to be sure their Java applications are running quickly and reliably. AppOptics can help you monitor Java efficiency with full-stack JVM performance tuner, built to monitor Java application elements like throughput, latency and memory. No configuration is necessary with AppOptics distributed tracing. It will automatically follow the transactions passing through services, hosts, and processes.

With AppOptics, you can:

  • Use the Java Agent to install the most commonly used web servers, including Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, Wildfly, Resin, and Netty
  • Gain access to support for dozens of frameworks and libraries like Go, Java, .NET, PHP, Python, and Node.js
  • Use visualization and spot issues by drilling down into the code level of Java apps

Leverage powerful insights for Java monitoring

Leverage powerful insights for Java monitoring

It’s important for IT teams to be able to view Java virtual machine performance metrics in real time, both across their distributed Java applications and within individual service tiers. AppOptics acts as a reliable APM tool by offering users a myriad of helpful features to gain these insights. With the AppOptics platform, you can:

  • Get support for concurrent and asynchronous applications

Leverage built-in Scala support to better understand how Java performance might be impacted by database queries, remote calls, and more

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