Monitor Gunicorn Web Servers

Optimized for seamless integration and high performance, it’s drop-dead simple to monitor your Gunicorn metrics.
You need faster troubleshooting for your Gunicorn-based web application

Easily monitor Gunicorn performance

  • Simple setup

    Our UI will guide you through the steps you need to get up and running typically in minutes.

  • Custom Gunicorn dashboard

    AppOptics™ provides you with intuitive dashboards, detailing a multitude of Python metrics.

  • Throughput and latency metrics

    Watch critical performance metrics on websites and Python web apps running on the Gunicorn server.

  • Monitor HTTP codes

    Group and filter Gunicorn requests and responses by status code.

  • Stay alert 24/7

    Real-time Gunicorn alerts on the any of the metrics AppOptics provides.

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Simple setup

Simple setup

Stop chasing your Gunicorn metrics. AppOptics has you covered. Getting started with Gunicorn monitoring is as simple as enabling the corresponding integration and following the short configuration instructions. You’ll have Gunicorn metrics flowing into AppOptics in mere minutes.

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Custom Gunicorn dashboard

Custom Gunicorn dashboard

The AppOptics customizable Gunicorn dashboards will allow you to quickly understand the performance of your Python/Gunicorn applications and underlying infrastructure side-by-side.

Whether you’re troubleshooting increased error rates, testing performance changes in the number of configured workers, or just want to know how much traffic your app is handling, AppOptics makes monitoring Gunicorn a breeze.

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Throughput and latency metrics

Throughput and latency metrics

Find critical performance metrics on websites and web applications running on the Gunicorn server in real-time. It's easy to find and trace errors with the metrics AppOptics provides.

  • Request/transaction count and timing
  • Response time and codes
  • Hosts errors
  • CPU, memory, disk I/O, and network metrics

Monitor HTTP codes

Monitor HTTP codes

Our Gunicorn monitoring means you can have deep insight into the composition of your metrics. Group and filter metrics using host name and other tags that AppOptics provides. Keep an eye on the HTTP status codes that your app produces. You can filter or group by this parameter either on-the-fly in the preconfigured service dashboard, or build it into custom metric graphs.

Stay alert 24/7

Stay alert 24/7

AppOptics allows you to instantly find out when your Python application or Gunicorn server metrics exceeds a desired threshold with a customized alert. Find out when exactly traffic spikes, keep transaction errors under control, or watch response times without effort.

Simple, powerful infrastructure and application monitoring


  • Optimize your server and infrastructure performance

  • Visualize and troubleshoot application bottlenecks

  • Analyze custom infrastructure, application, and business metrics

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Gunicorn is a WSGI HTTP server for Python web applications. The AppOptics Gunicorn instrumentation gives Python web developers access to essential performance and health metrics concerning their Python-based web applications running in Gunicorn.