Database Performance – Database Tuning and Optimization SolarWinds® AppOptics™ provides real-time insight into database performance.

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Troubleshooting Database Performance

Troubleshooting Database Performance

Microservice-based application architecture, infrastructure configuration problems, and complex queries all can create potential performance issues. AppOptics helps you identify those issues and get to the root causes quickly.

  • AppOptics provides real-time, out-of-the-box monitoring of key database performance metrics. Combined with support for custom metrics, you get the performance insights you truly need to monitor the health of your database.
  • Active application performance monitoring (APM) allows you to record and analyze API calls in real time. You can see whether the issue is related to application code, or the database itself.
  • MySQL performance monitoring allows you to measure every query and time to execute, pinpointing slow queries that are impacting transactions. This functionality is available for a range of other database engines too, including PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MariaDB, Aurora, and more.
  • AppOptics makes it easy to capture outliers and anomalies through heatmaps that quickly reveal intermittent performance issues that would otherwise be difficult to find.
  • Automated alerts provide early warning of performance issues. Configure your own thresholds to reduce false-positives, and to focus on the metrics that matter. You can connect AppOptics to popular messaging services, such as Slack, Flowdock, or AWS SNS, to help ensure you know as soon as a problem occurs.

Database Performance Tuning Made Simple

Database Performance Tuning Made Simple

Effective database performance tuning is completely reliant on having accurate metrics and reports that allow you to quickly identify potential issues that need further investigation or repair.

  • Your most time-consuming queries are collated on a single dashboard, so you can see at-a-glance where the critical database issues are and focus on the ones with the largest impact on your applications.
  • View database performance side by side with all the services that make up a transaction. Go deeper into each query by drilling into the database service from a trace request, providing a deeper understanding of the interaction between the application and the underlying database.
  • Drill down functionality is built into AppOptics. Use the dashboard time window function to view historical database performance metrics. Scroll backwards to pinpoint where a specific query issue first occurred. This will identify where to begin your search in the relevant server and database logs.
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