AWS Cloudwatch Monitoring - Real Time Performance Metrics

Understand the health of your AWS services at a glance
Getting started is easy

Add your read-only AWS credentials to AppOptics integration for AWS CloudWatch and watch the magic happen. Typically, within minutes you will have beautiful, interactive, live dashboards for each of your AWS services. Now the health of your services is visible at a glance. Give your AWS CloudWatch monitoring superpowers with AppOptics.

Effortless Setup If you're signed up for Amazon EC2, you're automatically registered for CloudWatch Add AWS IAM Policy to your CloudWatch account, and your CloudWatch metrics, charts, and dashboards magically appear in AppOptics for your AWS services (e.g. EC2, DynamoDB, EBS, RDS, and more!)
Custom Metrics Dynamic pricing starting at $0.30 per metric Starting at $7.50 per EC2 host per month (annual billing). Includes EC2 CloudWatch metrics plus 200 custom metrics per month
Dashboard Three free dashboards, then $3.00 per dashboard Curated dashboards for supported AWS services plus the ability to build unlimited dashboards to suit your needs
Composite Metrics Not supported Compose new metrics mathematically using native metrics you send as inputs
Alerts Ten free alerts. Up to $0.30 per alarm per month after Unlimited alerts that tie into services such as PagerDuty, Hipchat, Slack, Zapier, and more
Annotations None Mark aperiodic events on your graphs, and include links and descriptions
Consolidate Accounts Separated by AWS account Consolidate multiple AWS accounts into one place

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Dashboards for each of your AWS services

AppOptics Dashboard for AWS EC2

Quickly break down all of your EC2 instances by type

AppOptics Dashboard for AWS Lambda

Monitor serverless infrastructure with the AppOptics dashboard for AWS Lambda

AppOptics Dashboard for AWS RDS

Monitoring cloud databases can be difficult. AppOptics collects all your AWS RDS metrics in one dashboard

Understand the health of your AWS
services at a glance


  • Provide users with a view showing the relationships between services and their dependencies

  • Find slow queries, bugs, inefficient code, or problems with the infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive performance monitoring, from custom on-premises to your highly distributed cloud applications, in one product.

Starts at $599 Per host, per month. Sold in packs of 10 hosts, 100 containers.
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