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SolarWinds® AppOptics™ delivers comprehensive insights into your web server’s performance and availability.

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Infrastructure Monitoring for Metrics, Events, and Alerts

Comprehensive Server Monitoring Software

Comprehensive Server Monitoring Software

AppOptics delivers insights into your key server and application infrastructure availability and performance through a single, configurable dashboard.

  • Cross-reference key metrics from a variety of sources across the stack—applications, servers, and other infrastructure elements—all from a single product, simplifying troubleshooting and helping you get to the root cause fast.
  • Apply multi-dimensional filtering to slice-and-dice data, revealing hot spots, and concerns quickly and easily.
  • Replace your existing APM tools with a single solution that combines metrics from applications, web servers, and infrastructure.

Server Monitor Data Tailored to Your Needs

Server Monitor Data Tailored to Your Needs

Server monitoring metrics may be standardized and AppOptics provides you with out-of-the-box metrics collection, but how they are analyzed and applied is unique to your business. AppOptics recognizes this fact and allows you to easily modify the dashboards provided or build your own dashboards that display information specific to your unique requirements.

  • See pre-populated dashboards for the most common applications and services that accelerate deployment.
  • Customize charts and dashboards quickly and easily using the built-in editing tools.
  • Build a series of alerts and notifications according to key metrics and performance to provide early warning of issues that need immediate attention.
  • Customize host and container heatmaps with groupings, thresholds, and color coding to quickly visualize potential resource issues.

Monitoring Solution for the Most Used Web Servers

Monitoring Solution for the Most Used Web Servers

When every millisecond counts, web server performance is critical to ensure your systems are performing as expected, identify bottlenecks when issues arise, as well as test application changes and improvements. AppOptics installs in minutes, providing detailed, visual reporting services for major platforms out-of-the-box, including:

  • Apache, one of the world’s most popular web servers according to Netcraft.
  • NGINX, also highly popular web server used by 41% of websites analyzed by W3 Techs.
  • Dozens of Amazon Web Services (AWS), like CloudWatch, EC2, ECS, Lambda, ELS, ELB, etc.

Fully Scalable Server Monitoring Software

Fully Scalable Server Monitoring Software

AppOptics streamlines installation with a straightforward pricing model so you never pay more than you need for infrastructure or application monitoring services. The system is designed to be economical and flexible, ensuring maximum return on investment.

  • Regardless the size of your IT environment, AppOptics provides the same comprehensive metrics measurement and analysis for all our users.
  • We have two plans designed to help support your business as it grows or as needed: a full-stack APM plan and a metrics plan. Used in combination, these plans provide the flexibility and granularity you need.
  • With AppOptics, you avoid the complicated billing models employed by other hosted subscription services. A fully customizable billing model allows you to monitor most combinations of infrastructure and APM hosts according to the specifics of your blended operating model.
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Instant visibility from a single server monitoring solution.


  • Comprehensive performance monitoring, from custom on-premises to your highly distributed cloud applications, in one product.

  • Remove the wall between Application and Infrastructure metrics, allowing combined dashboards.

  • Consolidated monitoring of all your servers, hosts, containers, and serverless environments.

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