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Auto-Instrumented APM – Monitor, Troubleshoot, Optimize…PERFORM

Auto-Instrumented APM – Monitor, Troubleshoot, Optimize…PERFORM

SolarWinds® AppOptics™ provides real-time visibility into applications by collecting both high-fidelity metrics and detailed transaction traces.

  • Resolve performance issues fast before users notice
  • Out-of-the-box support for dozens of frameworks and libraries including Go, Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, Scala, and Node.js
  • Distributed tracing, live code profiling, and exception tracking follow requests across processes, hosts, and data center, providing detailed transaction performance visualization by service and further drill-down to the code—no manual instrumentation required
  • Easily leap from visualizing trends to deep, code-level root cause analysis for fast identification and resolution of performance problems
  • One-click integration from distributed transaction traces down into logs associated with that transaction
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Modern Infrastructure Monitoring – Servers, Hosts, Containers, and Serverless

Modern Infrastructure Monitoring – Servers, Hosts, Containers, and Serverless

AppOptics modern infrastructure monitoring enables consolidated visibility across your entire infrastructure, providing real-time, out-of-the-box metrics; unified dashboards, alerting, and management.

  • A comprehensive set of turnkey infrastructure integrations, including dozens of AWS and Azure services, web, database, network, containers, orchestrations like Docker and Kubernetes, and more
  • Leverage host and container maps and advanced alerting to visualize and get proactive notifications the moment your infrastructure resources violate defined performance thresholds
  • Combine your infrastructure together with the applications and services running on those systems for a singular view of performance across the stack.
  • Extensive host and container views allowing drilldowns into resource utilizations, services, and processes running. Simple click-to-create custom infrastructure dashboards
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Custom Metrics and Analytics: Amazing application, infrastructure, and business insights

Custom Metrics and Analytics: Amazing application, infrastructure, and business insights

AppOptics is an extensible custom metrics and analytics platform tying together your applications, infrastructure, and business metrics.

  • Use multi-dimensional tags to easily filter and group data—dissect your cloud environments in real time to see only data belonging to certain cloud regions, instance types, availability zones, and more
  • Define mathematical transformations to perform on a selection of native metrics or time series
  • Effortlessly compare the past to the present by easily tracking disparities between the same metrics over days or weeks
  • Combine fine-grained measurements sent to the API into a single summary metric
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  • Remove the wall between application and infrastructure metrics, allowing combined dashboards

  • Be the first to know when there’s an availability or performance issue

  • Quickly identify which hosts have violated thresholds and could be impacting application availability and performance

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