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Streamlined Linux performance monitoring

Simple and comprehensive Linux performance monitoring

Simple and comprehensive Linux performance monitoring

As you aim to minimize downtime across your infrastructure, Linux performance monitoring is a critical part of your overall monitoring efforts. The SolarWinds Snap Agent is designed to help increase monitoring efficiency. This open framework can help simplify the collection, processing, and publishing of system data through a single API.

  • AppOptics provides real-time visibility into any application by continuously collecting detailed metrics while also creating records of transaction traces that can be used for quick troubleshooting.
  • Easily generate new dashboards to examine existing metrics in further depth. Graphic representations of data trends allow you to drill down and perform code-level root cause analysis in seconds.
  • Leverage out-of-the-box support for dozens of frameworks and libraries, including Go, Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Node.js.

Track key infrastructure metrics with server monitoring software

Track key infrastructure metrics with server monitoring software

The Linux agent monitors dozens of metrics across your IT system, including network performance, CPUs, disks, memory, load, and more. The customizable monitoring and analytics platform within AppOptics allows you to access your application, infrastructure, and business metrics from a single, streamlined interface.

  • Real-time, flexible dashboards automatically update to reflect additions or modifications to your system infrastructure, saving you the hassle of making manual changes.
  • Intuitive, multidimensional filtering allows you to quickly identify hot spots and outliers.
  • Get a bird's-eye view of all hosts from within a single pane. AppOptics removes the wall between APM tools and infrastructure metrics, allowing you to create custom combined dashboards and advanced alerts for easy cross-referencing. You can also share dashboards with other groups without having to create new accounts.

Efficient, multi-function APM tools

Efficient, multi-function APM tools

The SolarWinds Snap Agent is a shared agent that bridges the divide between application and infrastructure health monitoring. AppOptics collects key app metrics, while SolarWinds Loggly® gathers logs from across your system.

  • The AppOptics host agent features Snap and Telegraf plugins that collect, process, and aggregate metrics, offering efficient drop-in monitoring for key systems.
  • Leverage the large number of integrations available by customizing our pre-set plugins or by creating your own.
  • Create alert notifications with vertical markers that indicate alerts from different monitoring functions, then superimpose these markers on any graph.

Collect the metrics and logs you need with Linux monitoring tools that help maximize performance.

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